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Allign Business & Technology

Because it is built using reliable industry-standard technology, ServicePRO® easily adapts, grows and scales right along with your business. With intuitive user interface, ServicePRO® can help you attain rapid user adoption, adapt to changes, deliver services quicker and achieve a fast return on investment.

ServicePRO-Online has been developed from the ground up using the latest technology from PROGRESS SOFTWARE, SUN/ORACLE and Microsoft. Therefore, the tools and technology that Temisoft have used in developing this product is certainly the best of breed.

By using Service Oriented Architecture and Design, you can be assured that the technology not only enhances your processes, but enables you to give your customers' a more efficient service and also future-proof your business with technology changes.

About Us

Temisoft Mission
  • To give clients a competitive edge using innovative technologies, superior service, and open system.
  • To retain clients by delivering outstanding service and quality.
  • To be innovative so clients can continue to grow and reap the benefits of continued advancement in Temisoft products and services.
  • To be an honest organisation where people like to work and take joy in helping others.
  • To be a learning organisation that attracts, helps to develop, and retains teams of solution-oriented consultants who are qualified and experienced in their fields.
  • To provide computer software with the highest quality of service.
Company Profile

Managing Director Kevork Temisgian established Temisoft in 1993, initially as a software consulting firm. It didn't take long for Kevork and a growing team to recognise that the Service industry was struggling with off-the-shelf packages that did not suit its particular needs. Within the industry, companies were trying to make software that was custom-designed for a different type of organisation fit their own needs. Most of these companies bought packages because they were inexpensive, but they also found the cost in maintaining and keeping the software package up-to-date was too great for their business.

Competitive pressures within the service industry made and still make it hard for businesses to be profitable without tight, integrated management of each facet of their business. The Temisoft team saw a way in which it could assist by developing and supporting a state of the art computer scheduling software for the Service Industry, so in 1994, the team created ServicePRO .

Since then, Temisoft has continued to improve, update and keep up with the needs of its users with an increasing range of software solutions.

Today, there are more than 500+ sites using Temisoft products in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore and Malaysia. Temisoft users confirm that ServicePRO is the state of the art scheduling software in the Waste, Pest Control, Hygiene and Cleaning industries. With applications able to be customised to suit particular industries, the scope of Temisoft and its products is constantly growing to meet the demands of service industries now and in the future.

 ServicePRO-OnLine is a product that is developed by Temisoft in Australia and is also the Registered Trademark holder in Australia.


Pest Control Software

By using ServicePRO Internet Dispatcher can send your Inspection Reports directly to ServicePRO-OnLine on the iPAD, you can dispatch your Inspection Reports directly to your technicians.All this is available in ServicePRO-OnLine Pest Control Software.

Skip Bin Hire Software

By using ServicePRO Internet Dispatcher, you can dispatch your Deliveries, Pickups and Change Overs immediately to your trucks without delay. All this is available in ServicePRO-OnLine Skip Bin Hire software.

Dispatch with ServicePRO

ServicePRO Internet Dispatcher is the quickest way you can dispatch jobs to your field service and receive them immediately when they have finished the jobs.